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Ask Me Anything - Q & A with Carla Bast

Do you have some pressing design questions? Let me help!
What is the Ask Me Anything service?
"Ask Me Anything" is a Q & A design service that is done remotely, via our online studio portal.
Avoid expensive design faux pas and show me the specific areas of your home that need some TLC. I'll provide actionable advice to help you solve your design dilemmas or kick start a larger project!
What is included:

  • Ask up to 4 questions
  • You may provide up to a total of 10 photos or images
  • You'll receive expert advice on your 4 questions

This service does not include phone calls, Facetime, or teleconference meetings.
Timeline: 1 week, subject to availability
You can check availability prior to purchasing by emailing: hello@carlabast.com
What is your design dilemma?
Here are a few from our past clients:

  • I need help narrowing down choices.
  • How can I update this room on a budget?
  • I don't know how to arrange art.
  • What do I do with this blank wall?
  • How do I dress up this eye sore?
  • What style of light fixture will work here?
  • I need a professional to bounce ideas off of.


  1. Purchase the "Ask Me Anything" service. You will create a project file with password protected access
  2. Navigate to "Questionnaires" and fill out the Q & A Questionnaire.
  3. In order for me to provide the best advice possible, you will need to send me pictures of your area of concern, with some shot from a distance, and others close-up. Upload your photos under "Files & Media."
  4. You will be notified when your expert advice is posted.

Please note: Carla Bast Design retains the right to use the images you submit, your questions and my responses in your Q and A service for my blog posts and social media. Personal information, including address (other than city and state) will not be used.
*Ask Me Anything sells out quickly, I only schedule two of these design services per week.

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